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Once you've been bitten by the balance board bug, you'll want to board anywhere, anytime. And why not? After all, the balance board brings you a lot of good humor and through the movement also plenty of energy. That's why we came up with the following idea: Use the Balance Board at your desk! This way, you bring dynamism into your otherwise mainly sedentary work, actively prevent tension and additionally increase the fun factor in the office. Maybe even your colleagues will join in and you can have a little challenge with the Balance Board at your desk. We'll now tell you how you can best use your balance board at your desk.

Balance Board: office variety with fun factor

More movement in the office ... wouldn't that be great? No more sitting at your desk for eight or nine hours non-stop, but a little wobbling, balancing and muscle activation in between. With the right exercises for the office, you can stay fit at work. So grab your balance board and bring it to the office! You can make the most of your Balance Board at your standing desk during phone calls, but you can also just have a little five-minute session on your board every hour. This not only relieves tension, but also clears your head - for new, fresh thoughts and more energy.

Healthy at the desk with Balance Board

The fact is: sitting and standing for too long puts one-sided strain on your body. So you need to compensate for this. When sitting, for example, especially when working directly at a computer screen, you tend to adopt a slightly forward-leaning posture, often with your shoulders hunched and your head tilted forward. This tenses your neck muscles in particular, which in turn pulls you up into your head and down your back in the opposite direction. With your Balance Board at your desk you can counteract this permanent bad posture. In addition, training on the Balance Board at your desk - or just like that - has many other benefits for your body:

  • When you train with the Balance Board at your desk, you get a workout that puts little stress on your joints, but improves your balance. Good balance is important in many areas, for example to prevent injuries.
  • In addition to your sense of balance, training with the Balance Board at your desk will also improve your concentration - not a minor issue at work, is it? This is primarily due to the fact that your blood circulation is increased and with it the oxygen content in your blood.
  • If you train with the Balance Board at your desk, you can soon look forward to a strengthened musculature, especially in the trunk area, but of course also in the legs. In the course of this, by the way, tension can also be relieved, for example the classic neck and shoulder pain that tends to arise when sitting at a desk.
  • Training with the Balance Board at the desk also has the advantage that it is suitable for every fitness level. Because you can hold onto a standing desk for support while boarding, even the untrained can easily get on board and make quick progress.
  • When you train with the balance board at your desk, you don't just do something good for your muscles. You also increase your heart rate and energy consumption. That's how boring desk sitting turns into an energetic surfing trip.

Movement at work: tips for all office chair stools

A balance board provides more movement at your desk and offers you many other benefits, that much is now clear. To ensure that you can board healthily at your desk from now on, you should consider beforehand whether you mainly want to exercise directly at your desk or prefer to do so in a quiet corner. If you have a standing desk, we would recommend the first option. In this case you can start directly, because you always have the possibility to hold on to the edge of the table. This way, even balance board novices can get started right away. If you don't have a standing desk, you have to find a place to board. Please make sure that you have enough freedom of movement and that nothing can break in the immediate vicinity. Since free boarding requires a different kind of balance than a standing desk, you should practice a bit at home beforehand. Also, please note the following:

  • A balance board in rocker shape is perfectly suitable for most beginners. On it you have enough space and a good stability.
  • Use flat shoes for training on the balance board at your desk or try it barefoot.
  • When training with the balance board at your desk, start with slow movements and wobble as little as possible at first. Then increase bit by bit and take good care of your arms. They provide the necessary balance and help you to keep your balance. Waving them wildly back and forth won't do you any good, though - less is often more.
  • When training on the balance board at your desk, don't fixate on your board or your feet, but on a point on the opposite wall. This will help you achieve and maintain your balance.
  • Use your balance board at your desk on carpet or a balance board mat. It will give you a good roll and is also non-slip.
  • Store your Balance Board at your desk in a stylish and safe way, for example in our floor holder. This way you have it immediately at hand and it doesn't get in the way between your training sessions.

Invite your colleagues to board too ...

Do you already feel "at home" on your Balance Board at your desk? Then you can invite your colleagues to board with you. Show them how it works. You can divide your active standing on the balance board at your desk into different levels, for example:

  • Level 1 with the balance board at your desk: you wiggle back and forth very gently. You can continue to work at your desk. This level is particularly suitable for video conferences where the other participants should not notice that you are standing on the balance board at your desk. You can even click, write on the keyboard or take notes on a pad.
  • Level 2 with the balance board at the desk: Here it becomes more active and your counterpart almost certainly notices that you are not just standing or sitting in front of the computer. This level is therefore suitable for video conferences with "insiders". If you wobble out of the picture for a moment or have to rearrange your board, you should of course be prepared for appropriate comments.
  • Level 3 with the balance board at the desk: This is the "battle level", so to speak. If you are really good as a team, then maybe one of you wants to outdo the other on the balance board at the desk. Use this energy! It's guaranteed to bring you positive team vibes and plenty of power for new, fresh ideas. With a small list you can, for example, record who has already rocked which exercise or trick - and who still has to do it.

... or use the balance board at your desk in your home office.

In the home office you are of course completely free. Here you can find the perfect place to board, spread out your board pad and get started. Our tip: Set yourself fixed times for boarding, for example always on the hour for five to ten minutes at the most. Don't underestimate the addictiveness of the balance board. Once you've jumped on, you probably won't want to get off. But the work is waiting for you, so you better set a limit. The beauty of it is that you can then look forward to the next balance board session right away. That's sure to give you an extra push at work, right? To keep your living room or office tidy until then, we recommend a wall mount for your balance board. Looks stylish and is extremely practical!

Balance Board: good for your back & your mood

Let's recap at the very end: A balance board brings pep into your life - and to your desk. Training with the Balance Board at your desk helps you to stand actively and dynamically. Especially at a height-adjustable desk, you can perfectly activate the muscles that are neglected when sitting. This prevents tension, boosts your circulation and gives you new energy. Your concentration increases and work becomes fun again! Integrate the training on the Balance Board at your desk. With the right exercises for your Balance Board at your desk, you can start right away, right?


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