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What balance board experiences have our customers had?

Of course, we would love to share the balanceboard experiences of our numerous customers with you. Every day we receive new feedback from a wide variety of boarders: Young and old, entire families, sports enthusiasts, and even sports naysayers share their wahu balanceboard experiences with us. But just read for yourself:

Perfect training supplement

As an avid snowboarder, I also need a board under my feet in the summer - so the trend sport of balance boarding came just at the right time. I chose the wahu board because of its high-quality and robust construction. I can be sure that it will withstand my daring jumps and flips. And what can I say: My balance board experiences are consistently positive. It's a lot of fun and a very good addition to my other workouts.

Fast sport fun for in between

I'm always on the road a lot and therefore have little time for regular sports. Especially not for a stationary one, e.g. in the gym or in the soccer club. After a long day in the office, on the train or in the car, I still want to exercise and get a good workout - which works perfectly with the wahu board. No matter where, when or how: I jump on it and get going. Even if it's only for 10 minutes. I wouldn't want to miss this balance board experience.

Fun for the whole family

The wahu board was a gift for my wife, who very quickly did her exercises on it quite safely. While watching TV, ironing, in the garden - the board was always there. Of course, this made our children curious. They "stole" it more often and got the hang of it very quickly. In the meantime, the entire family is in balance board fever and everyone has their own. Our common balance board experiences now weld us together even more.

Stay fit

I've been doing sports all my life - tennis, swimming and also skiing. But as I've gotten older, I've gotten a little lazy. Or maybe I didn't really dare to do it anymore. When my granddaughter showed me what she could do on the wahu balance board, I wanted to try it too. At the beginning it was very wobbly, I had to hold on tight and we laughed a lot. In the meantime, I'm standing really securely on it and it gives me great pleasure to be a bit active again.

The joy of movement

Unfortunately, I can not do much with sports, that has always been the case. Half a year ago, however, I was bitten by the bug: I was so fed up with being a couch potato that I was looking for a bit of exercise. With as little effort as possible, in the comfort of my own home - the wahu board seemed like a good solution. The first balance board experiences were shaky and exhausting, but it got better amazingly fast, even though I am so untrained. This steep learning curve motivated me and so I am still wobbling today. Daily and very much with pleasure.


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