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Fun on the balance board - children are allowed to have it just like adults! Who says that fun sports are only for adults? After all, children want to have fun too! And that's guaranteed with a "balance board for kids". Additionally, your child will train their body from head to toe with a "balance board for kids". Balance, coordination, concentration, and fine motor skills are all challenged and developed, as well as almost every muscle group. And all of this happens naturally in fluid movements. Based on our experience, we can also confirm that your child will gain a lot of self-confidence through training on the "balance board for kids". We've seen little board artists grow at least two centimeters taller with pride after their first jump. So let's get started - we'll show you which wobble board is suitable for your child.

Balance Board - at what age can you start boarding?

That is a very good question, and we have a clear answer for you: there is no age limit for balance boards - neither upper nor lower. This is the same as with numerous other sports. If your child is interested and wants to do it, they can start. After all, some children even learn to ski or swim before they can walk. So just give it a try, and at the beginning, you can also help without any problems. In our experience, especially with children, training successes quickly occur. Therefore, the "Balance Board for Kids" is definitely a worthwhile investment in your child's physical health. We will now clarify which "Balance Board for Kids" could provide your child with the most fun and what you should consider when buying it.

Balance Board for Kids

Basically, your child can get on any commercially available wobble board. A special children's board version of the wobble board is really only necessary for the very young ones. So let's take a look at the different types of balance boards together. There are many different shapes, sizes, and materials available.

Round Balance Boards 

First, let's see if round balance boards are suitable for your child. Round balance boards are available in both plastic and wood. But they have one thing in common: a half-sphere is attached to the underside of the board, which creates the wobbling effect. With these wobble boards, balance must be maintained in all directions, which can be more challenging for beginners. The decisive factor here is the distance to the ground, that is, the thickness of the half-sphere attached under the board. The greater this distance, the more challenging the training on the "Balance Board for Kids" will be. With some practice, your child will surely master this challenge. However, if you want to take it a little easier, a longer "Balance Board for Kids" may be more suitable for you and your child.

Oblong Balance Boards


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