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Giving gifts is simply beautiful - and not only for the recipient. The giver is also happy about the excitement of unwrapping and the shining eyes when looking at the gifts. Wouldn't it be great if a third party could also be happy? The environment, for example? The topic of "sustainable gift ideas" is not a new one, we know that.

But sustainable gift ideas are becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives in times of climate change and natural disasters. We want to think and act sustainably, so sustainable gift ideas are part of that. But you probably can't think of any really good sustainable gifts off the top of your head, can you? We have thought of a few ideas for you on how you can give particularly sustainable gifts in the future:

What exactly is sustainability?

Before we look at some creative and sustainable gift ideas, or more precisely sustainable gifts, we would like to briefly discuss the topic of sustainability in general. Surely everyone knows roughly what is meant by the term sustainability, but then often the definitions are a bit fuzzy. So here are the hard facts. In principle, sustainability is divided into three areas: the social component, economic development and environmental protection. In the following, we would like to focus mainly on the environmental aspect, as this plays the main role when thinking about sustainable gift ideas. Here, the focus is on using natural resources only to the extent that they can regenerate on their own. This can be explained in an understandable way using forestry as an example. In sustainable forestry, only as much wood is felled as will grow back again.

Sustainable gift ideas - giving & conserving resources

Of course, this principle should not only be applied to wood, but to all raw materials and energy resources. This is to be made possible by three interlocking strategies: the reduction of production (sufficiency), the better use of raw materials (efficiency) and the development of innovative material cycles (consistency), for example through recycling. The aim is to reduce environmentally harmful processes, resource waste, waste and carbon emissions - a major undertaking that you can support in small ways. Through your purchasing behavior, for example through sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts, you make your contribution.

Why is sustainability so important in today's world?

Resources are becoming scarce, we are drowning in plastic waste, vast quantities of (sometimes unnecessary) goods are transported over long distances to the end consumer, CO2 emissions are continuously increasing and natural disasters such as forest fires or floods are becoming more frequent due to climate change. If we continue with our way of life as we have done so far, nothing will change, but we will probably make the situation worse. So everything is clear, isn't it? Sustainable products and correspondingly sustainable gift ideas are one piece of the, admittedly, rather large puzzle with which we can counteract the development described above. Let's conserve our resources, let's pay attention to the materials we use, let's avoid waste and transport routes, let's help the earth's ecosystem to slowly regenerate - so that it will still offer future generations a good basis for life.

What makes a sustainable gift?

It's not difficult to think sustainably when it comes to gift ideas. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind, but we'll list them for you in a nice, clear way. In general, sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts have the goal of keeping the ecological footprint as small as possible. You can achieve this quite easily by asking yourself three simple questions about your sustainable gift:

  1. Will my gift give pleasure for a long time?
  2. Does my gift come from my local area?
  3. Can my gift be recycled?

If you can answer a resounding "yes" to all three questions, your gift is well on its way to becoming a sustainable gift. If your answers also include a "no," then you might want to briefly consider whether there are alternatives.

An example of a gift: You want to give a big basket with lots of delicious food - a classic gift. Then don't buy the standard brands in the supermarket, but take a look at the regional products. Many markets already have collaborations with the farm around the corner - for a regional diet as well as sustainable gift ideas. Or you can drive right by there and browse a few farm stores. You'll be surprised at the variety and freshness that awaits you there.

Sustainable gift ideas are high quality and long lasting.

Let's go through the three important questions regarding sustainable gift ideas one by one. The first one, that is, "Will my gift give pleasure for a long time?" is aimed at the goodness and, therefore, the durability. Sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts are always long-lasting - unless, of course, you're giving edibles. If you choose high-quality and natural materials such as wood, glass or metal for sustainable gift ideas, your sustainable gift will certainly not find itself in the huge mountain of disposable products. If it is made of high-quality materials, it will also last a long time - and give pleasure for a long time. This also has the advantage that fewer products are produced in this way and fewer products have to be recycled. The so-called lifecycle of a product is therefore an important aspect of sustainability.

An example of a gift: If you want to give toys as gifts, you will come across numerous plastic products from China. Here, neither the material nor the transport route is right. These toys are often contaminated with harmful substances and give up the ghost after a short time. Then they end up in the trash, often even in hazardous waste. There are now really creative and colorful alternatives made of wood as sustainable gift ideas, so you're sure to find one! Such wooden toys are robust, can be repaired or refurbished if necessary and thus be passed on from child to child. So maybe even the children of these children still play with your sustainable gifts.

Sustainable gift ideas are regional.

Sometimes in our search for sustainable gifts, we come across a product that is merely supposed to be sustainable. The numerous bamboo products are a vivid example of this. They are advertised in the store as sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts, but often have a delivery route of several thousand kilometers behind them. Can they then still be sustainable gift ideas? It's the same issue with decorative items for the home and garden. Beautiful sculptures, pots or bowls seem very natural at first glance, but come from far, far away. You also have beautiful alternatives for sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts right on your doorstep.

A gift example: Maybe you have to ask around a bit or keep your eyes open, but surely there are creative hobbyists in your region who make beautiful concrete bowls, creative wooden lamps or other decorative items in their own garage. You can then usually buy these directly from them or at the next Easter, autumn or Christmas market. These are environmentally conscious gift ideas that leave a low carbon footprint due to their short distances. In most cases, existing resources are also used, such as willow from your own garden for a beautiful flower basket. And best of all, your purchase supports a single person in their skill set, not a giant corporation.

Sustainable gift ideas are biodegradable, recyclable or plastic-free.

Of course, you don't think about the disposal of your gift when you give it - but you should. And you should also think about the packaging. In both cases, the keyword is "zero waste." Of course, this doesn't always work, but more often than you might think.

One gift example: We don't want to praise ourselves too much, of course, but we are already very proud of our completely plastic-free packaging as well as our 100 percent plastic-free balance board.

We are also very happy to support the guys and gals from OCEANMATA. Our founder Nils followed their great clean up projects while surfing in Bali and the idea for a cooperation was born. For every wahu Balance Board sold, OCEANMATA collects one kilogram of plastic from the Indian Ocean. This is professionally recycled and then processed into a new, sustainable product, for example a cell phone cover.

In this way, we kill two birds with one stone: the production of new plastic is prevented and the old plastic is reused. Join in and make a statement by buying plastic-free or recyclable products and packaging.

5 sustainable gifts that are fun to give

So, now we've talked a lot about sustainable gift ideas, more specifically sustainable gifts, even hinted at one or two, but now we're really getting down to the nitty gritty. Now that you know about all aspects of sustainability, we have five sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts for you. These come from a wide variety of areas, so you can cover many situations with them. For children's birthday, mother-in-law's 60th, Christmas, Easter, wedding, father's and mother's day you are definitely safe with the following sustainable gift ideas, look here:

1. the sustainable balance board - wiggle yourself fit!

Under the motto "Wiggle yourself fit!" you can give away sporty fun. In terms of sustainable gift ideas, a balance board is suitable for any age group and is therefore the perfect gift for all active people and those who want to become more active. No matter at what time of day or night and in what weather - the balance board is quickly snatched and then provides the greatest joy in the smallest area. Even previous experience is not necessary, at most perhaps a certain sense of balance. Our wahu balance boards are made of real wood and are therefore very robust and durable. The boards and the packaging are plastic-free, and the good pieces are manufactured exclusively in Bavarian handicraft businesses. Wouldn't that be a nice gift for the next child's birthday or for your partner? Surely you also have a sporty buddy who could try it out. Maybe you'll even make balance boarding your new thing together.

Our gift tip: With a wall mount, the balance board has a permanent place and is always at hand. Just have a look around in our store, where you will also find a beginner's guide.

2. seedlings - let something grow!

A living, growing gift is something very special. Not only does it create a great atmosphere, but you also do something good for the environment. You have a wide range to choose from, depending on the taste of the recipient. One person may prefer to watch a tree grow, while another may enjoy herbs, fruits or vegetables. Be sure to purchase seedlings or seeds locally, such as at a health food store or farmer's market. And perhaps do a little research on the effects of the plant you are giving away. Some trees, unfortunately, don't add value to the environment, for example, for insects. Bee flowers, on the other hand, provide a valuable food source.

Our gift tip: Colorful flower mixes are also great for planting in large tubs on the balcony as sustainable gift ideas. These are ecological gift ideas that bring joy to three parties at once: you, the recipient and the environment. If you don't have a balcony or garden, you can also sponsor a tree, for example at Plant for the Planet.

3. food - eat yourself happy!

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So when it comes to gift giving, it's natural to focus on delicious treats as sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts - preferably regional, seasonal or DIY. Maybe you have your own garden with fruits or vegetables that want to be lovingly processed:

For example, cucumbers that you pickle hot, or currants for delicious jam. Or there are farm stores in your area where you can buy homemade products. This way, you're sure to have a nice "food basket" together in no time at all, and of course you can also cater to the taste preferences of the recipient.

Our gift tip: Honey from the beekeeper around the corner, milk from the nearest farm or chocolates from the chocolate fairy from the neighboring village show that you have thought of something very special. The positive side effect: You support local small and individual entrepreneurs, avoid long transport routes and thus ensure freshness and quality.

4. time - treat yourself to beautiful moments!

Giving time to a loved one is always an excellent idea. Because time has become a rare commodity in our hectic everyday lives - even though it is so important. True to the motto "Collect Moments, not Things", you can also respond very individually to the preferences of the recipient: a hike, a wellness break or simply a nice cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake on the terrace in the sun are sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts of lasting value. Memory value. The simple things are often so good! It's a way for the two of you to unwind, have valuable conversations, nurture your connection, and just feel really close again.

Our gift tip: It's best to design a gift certificate for this time together yourself and set a date together with the recipient when handing it over. So the anticipation starts directly on the beautiful time for two.

5. care: Do something good for yourself!

Particularly as a souvenir, small cosmetic items are super suitable as sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts. Of course, not bought, but homemade or DIY from the herb fairy of your confidence.

A natural scrub for hands and feet or a bubbling bath additive are - contrary to what you might think - quickly made. You can find lots of recipes for them on the Internet. Especially for people with sensitive skin, these natural alternatives without preservatives or other additives are usually a real boon.

Our gift tip: Make several rations at once. Then the one-time effort pays off twice and you always have a small gift ready for the near future, even for spontaneous invitations.

Of course, you don't need plastic for wrapping. Here we recommend jars made of glass, which you can design individually with the matching pens or stickers! This way, you can give free rein to your creativity when it comes to sustainable gift ideas.

Our conclusion on the subject of sustainable gift ideas

There are plenty of sustainable gift ideas and surely there were a few sustainable gifts for you in our examples. Furthermore, we hope that we have made you a little more aware of the topic and made you want to get creative yourself. For DIY gifts, you don't necessarily have to be a craft fairy or a DIY king. There are, as described above, also many simple projects in which you can pack all your love and your heart blood. And that will bring the greatest joy to the recipient. If you really can't think of anything in terms of sustainable gift ideas or sustainable gifts, our gift tip is: take your time.

Especially grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, but certainly also the best friend love nothing more than to chat with you, laugh or do something. For example, do more sports together, maybe on the balance board - everyone gets something out of it!

Finally, we would like to invite you to get to know our start-up better. Then you'll also realize that sustainability is simply in our blood. We want to inspire more people for this important topic, so that sustainable thinking and acting will soon be a natural part of our lives. This doesn't always mean launching big campaigns with far-reaching effects. The small, everyday things - such as sustainable gifts - are often the stone that gets many other things rolling. Let's tackle this together!


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