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Not only can you improve your balance with your wobble board, but you can additionally lose weight with your balance board. While your board isn't primarily designed for weight loss, it can definitely help you do so. That's because exercising on the balance board works both your surface and deep muscles. And when your muscles are working so intensively, the calories will naturally tumble as well. In addition, you also shape your body - which is also part of losing weight. So let's go, get on the board!

Focus on balance training - weight loss as a side effect

All exercises on the balance board, be it tricks, jumps, flips or classic workouts, focus on balance training. However, this does not mean that losing weight with the Balance Board is out of the question. Quite the opposite. Losing weight is the positive side effect of training with the Balance Board, which consists primarily of two components: Building and defining muscles and burning calories.

But let's stay briefly with the positive effects of balance training before we go into detail about how you can lose weight with the Balance Board. Because balance training alone has so many positive effects, of course we don't want to deprive you of them:

  1. When you train with the balance board, you strengthen tendons and ligaments. This helps you to prevent injuries.
  2. Through the stabilization exercises on the board, you also train your deep muscles, which tend to shrink during sedentary activities.
  3. These deep muscles are responsible for a stable posture.
  4. In addition, the deep muscles also improve the general stability of your body.
  5. And not only your body is completely in action, your head is also challenged - such a balancing act does not work without a lot of concentration.
  6. If you have problems with your fine motor skills, the balance board can help you quickly, because small, controlled movements are always necessary for balancing.

So if you don't have much time and still want to do something versatile and effective for your health, a balance board is a good choice. Considering that most people don't exercise enough and spend their days in the office in front of the computer, it's also sorely needed. The great thing about it: 15 to 20 minutes a day wiggled on the side already bring you so much! You'll notice it after just a few days.

A little balance test in between

By the way, with a little balance test you can quickly find out how good (or bad) your balance is. Stand straight next to a wall, close your eyes and lift your right or left foot slightly. Now start counting slowly - how far can you get? Do you have to hold onto the wall? If you manage less than 10 seconds, it's high time. But even with a result under 20 seconds, there's room for improvement. Then it's time to get on the balance board and start balancing!

Lose weight with Balance Board - these are the exercises you need to know:

After the topic of balance, let's now turn to the question of how you can lose weight with the Balance Board. We have already indicated that the more you move, the more calories you lose, the more muscles you build and the more defined your body becomes. So losing weight with the Balance Board is not difficult. You don't even need special exercises, because with every exercise you balance your body from top to bottom. However, we know how difficult it is to start a workout without a specific training plan, so we've put together a few effective and at the same time easy exercises for you.

Lose weight with the Balance Board: let's get started

Let's take it slow. Especially if it's your first time on the Balance Board. To warm up, try standing on the board for as long as possible. No matter how. You can wiggle, jerk, slide back and forth - the main thing is that you don't fall off. Maybe you use the edge of a table and carefully let go of it. Or you can use your arms to balance yourself. If this works, you can go a step further and bend your knees in small movements. Do you already notice how thousands of muscles tense up? This is how the Balance Board slimming works! Until you are also confident with squats, then you can additionally bounce, keep shifting your weight and swing back and forth on the board. These are the basics for all the exercises that will help you lose weight with the Balance Board.

Lose weight with the Balance Board: your new workout routine

Use your Balance Board as the next level for many exercises you already know. This way you increase your workout intensity in an uncomplicated way. Turn a simple push-up into a challenging wobble that targets even more muscle groups. Here are a few examples that you can combine well into a short daily workout routine:

  • Lose weight with push-ups on the balance board: Support yourself with your hands centered shoulder-width apart on your wobble board, then perform the usual sequence of movements.
  • Lose weight with triceps dips on the balance board: Do the push-ups while your hands are on the floor and your feet are on the board.
  • Lose weight with squats on the balance board: Performed on the balance board, the classic squat is almost unrecognizable. Attention: wobbly!
  • Lose weight with Elbow Planks on the Balance Board: One of your forearms rests on the board and you have to keep the rest of your body in a straight line.
  • Lose weight with abductor workouts on the balance board: Raise and lower your top leg while doing Elbow Planks in an extended position. By the way, this exercise also works the other way around, with your feet on the board.
  • Lose weight with the bridge on the balance board: Place only your feet on the wobble board, your back on the floor. Now go into the bridge. Attention: mega wobbly!
  • Our pro tip: Use a base when training with the wobble board. With our wahu sisal mat you improve your rolling feeling and gain stability.

Try the exercises without and then with the Balance Board. Do you feel the difference? We wish you a lot of fun with the Balance Board. But do not forget: Fun is always the focus when balance boarding. So enjoy your time on the board and get inspired for more creative exercises in our wahu community or through our wahu blog!


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