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Doing skateboarding exercises with a balance board is a great idea! There are several reasons for this and we would like to present them to you in detail. Just so much in advance in a nutshell: With balance board skateboard training, you'll improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles at the same time. This helps you enormously when skating - but also in many other sports and of course in everyday life. So ... let's get to it!

The Balance Board - the facts

Is the Balance Board still new territory for you? No problem. We'll show you exactly what the balance board is all about and how it can be used as a training element or as a fun piece of sports equipment. To do this, you first need to know that there are different types of balance boards. Some balance board is round and has a ball mounted directly on its bottom, and some other board is more elongated and comes with a separate cork roller. For balance board skateboard training, the latter is of course more suitable, as it "imitates" the motion sequences of skating much better. For this reason, we would like to use such a rocker shape board with a movable roller underneath for our balance board skateboard exercises. This way we keep the most freedom in training, at the same time we have a very balanced footing and also a certain degree of difficulty. This way we can still create a challenging workout even after the beginner phase, which is difficult with a wobble board with an integrated ball.

Material & Construction

When it comes to the material, we rely on wood for reasons of stability, but also for sustainability aspects. For example, our wahu board is a wooden balance board that consists of 12 layers and a scratch-resistant real wood veneer. With this extremely sturdy construction, you can be sure that it will reliably withstand your weight without showing signs of fatigue. Plus, of course, you can perform all kinds of cool tricks on such a sturdy wooden balance board. But more about that later. In addition to the right material and construction, it is also important that you pay attention to the right roller. With us, you get your balance board with a roller, which means that you no longer have to worry about this issue. The cork roller provides excellent rolling characteristics on your wooden balance board and is also extremely robust and sustainable. Our tip: For an even smoother rolling behavior, you can use your wooden balance board on our sisal mat. It is non-slip and also protects your floor from scratches or scratches.

Improve balance for your skateboard

The most important thing on a skateboard is balance. You can train this very well with the help of a balance board, for example, if the weather makes you a line through your skateboard plans. Then you simply build your skateboard/balance board training area in the living room and start with the balance exercises. These are ostensibly important to minimize your risk of injury on the skateboard and improve your responsiveness while riding. To do this, we start very slowly and increase later.

Exercise for beginners: Grab your wahu balance board, stand on it hip-width apart and start balancing immediately. Try to make as small and slow movements as possible. Strengthen your stance and also your core muscles in order to roll back and forth with maximum control. Feel both your body and your board and try out different movement sequences, e.g. slightly crouched or with closed eyes. Our tip: Continue with our 6 ultimate balance exercises!

Balance board as skateboard training

Now you have a balance skateboard, so to speak, with which you can train when and where you want. The great thing about the balance board skateboard sport: Really all exercises on the board will have a positive effect on your sense of balance. But of course there are also special exercises for balance board skaters, like the one-leg stand. For this, you try to find as well as keep your balance on your wahu balance board with one leg. First, stand on your board with two legs facing forward and balance yourself well. Then take your back foot off the board, just as you would when taking a swing on a skateboard. Balance yourself well right away and keep your balance as long as possible.

Balance Board as fitness equipment

Of course, in addition to your balance board skateboarding exercises, you can also do fitness exercises on the balance board. Here the procedure is very simple. The Balance Board training effect is based on the fact that conventional exercises, e.g. the classic push-up, are intensified by the wobbling movements. This primarily strengthens your core muscles, which is essential for skating and many other sports. So use your wahu board to support your workout routine and get creative! You're sure to find inspiration in our Facebook community or even on our Instagram channel.

Buying a balance board: your checklist

Finally, we would like to give you a little checklist to help you find the right balance board for your skateboard training. When buying, please pay attention to the following aspects:

  • What do you need? For the balance board skateboarding exercises you need the complete equipment, i.e. board plus roller. At wahu you get both together anyway, but at other manufacturers you may have to buy the two separately.
  • Which material? The balance board skateboard workout is a total body workout where a sturdy board is a must. Therefore, we recommend you a board made of solid wood.
  • What shape? The oval rocker shape with a slight curvature on the long and short sides is suitable for beginners and professionals alike - so you can enjoy balance board skateboarding for longer.
  • Anything else? Make sure you have a non-slip surface, especially as a beginner. If you can't guarantee that in your living room, then you might want to think about a base, such as our sisal mat, before balance board skateboard training. Small tip: Take a look at our discounted bundles.


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