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Redaktions-Test des Wahu-Balance-Boards

Editorial test of the Wahu balance board

Our editor Irlana tested the balance board from Wahu with her ten-year-old son:

"Hui, there you have to be quite careful, I think, when I stand on it for the first time. I do have experience with 'real' surfing (but not with skateboarding). The Wahu board is available either with a cork rollercork hemisphere for movements in all directions. We have both to try out here. My ten-year-old son first grabs the hemisphere. I think that's better, because he shouldn't - like me - glide through the living room and then almost land on his butt ;-) Immediately after the first short attempt, my son takes off his socks. He quickly figures out that it's better to go barefoot for this sport, because you slip too much with socks. And that it's best to bend your knees to keep your balance.

There are moments when the three of us in our little family fight over whose turn it is. Of course, the board is not used non-stop here. But when one of us starts, the others are on fire as well. As I said, it takes a bit of practice, especially with the roller, but this challenge is what makes it so exciting to develop your own technique. Fortunately, you get a sense of achievement pretty quickly, even if your thighs are shaking in the meantime. And during the various dry runs on the board, you don't even notice how time flies. That's how absorbed and concentrated we are. And here you can see how to get on the board:

Even though there are many ways, here you can see one of them, how to get on: with one foot first.

I have to admit, even if I'm home alone, it's a welcome change from desk work for me in my home office.

Overall, we can say that the board is the perfect bad-weather activity for us. You're indoors, but still moving. And you're cheering along with the others or practicing yourself. So it's fun for everyone at the same time, and it brings people together.

By the way: The Wahu-Balance-Board is now also available in an extra version for children. It has narrower ends, looks like a rabbit's head with long ears, and you put it on the floor mat without a cork roll (or hemisphere) for bobbing. Perfect for younger kids who are just getting started. Plus, there's a rope you can attach to the board that lets you pull the board behind you like a boat (or sled). What fun! Also practical: The rope can even be used separately as a skipping rope (rope skipping). (The children's version costs 139 euros.)"



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